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Appliance Test and Tag

A Guide to Test and Tag

Test and Tag - an Introduction

Testing & Tagging is the process of inspecting, testing, tagging, and recording of electrical equipment and appliances.  This ensures your electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use.

Meeting the health and safety requirements of your business, employees and clients can be an extremely daunting task. We are required to meet numerous regulations and standards - all of which contribute to the safety of your customers and employees in the workplace. Electrical appliance safety is essential.

Electrical appliance safety is essentialCompliance

The specification for Test & Tag is documented in the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS3760:2010 - "In-Service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment."

What is Involved ?

Testing and inspection can simply be categorised into three activities:

Register of Inspections & Reports

We are able to provide you with computerised test results individually numbered with a description of the item that has been tested, and this can be used as an Asset Register of all your electrical items on the premises. 

Your test results must be kept on file and be open for inspection upon request by Workcover, or by your OH&S Representative in the workplace. All recorded tests are kept by us, and a reminder of your next test date will be sent to you.